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Company Profile

  Cecil E. Mayo Pty. Ltd. is a wholly owned Australian family company established in 1928. In July 2003 Cecil E. Mayo Pty. Ltd. proudly announced a change of name to The Mayo Group International Pty. Ltd.

The Mayo Group International Pty. Ltd. is a distribution company specialising in the supply, servicing of Security, Engineering, Architectural and General Hardware Products.

Under the Mayo Group International Pty. Ltd. name, specialty companies have been created. These companies provide specialised service and support in their respective areas of expertise.

The Mayo Group International Pty. Ltd. consists of:
  • Mayo Hardware Pty. Ltd. – Hardware, Engineering, Security, Architectural products and services.
  • Century Springs Pty. Ltd. - Industrial springs.

    Our Vision 
Our Vision is to provide quality service and products to the market place and to ensure that products and services supplied exhibit the highest possible standards in the industry.

In the execution of its commitment to customers, the management at Mayo Group considers customer satisfaction and customer confidence in our products and services to be of the greatest importance.

The contribution of all our staff is vital to achieving these company goals. We achieve these goals by:
  • Development of our customer base and the constant research of new sources of business.
  • Exceeding expectations as far as quality of product is concerned.
  • Marketing only superior products.
  • Increasing our customers’ value for money.
  • Efficient use and management of all company resources and equipment. Maintaining a high level of staff quality, motivated by an environment that encourages and rewards input, responsibility and original ideas.

    Our Sites
The Mayo Group International Pty. Ltd. has a network of Sales Centres around the country. The company’s head office and National Warehouse is located in Rosebery, NSW, with interstate offices in Victoria, South Australia, Queensland, Western Australia and a branch office in Newcastle (NSW).

    Our People
The Mayo Group International Pty. Ltd. currently employs approximately 200 people across Australia.

We consider our people to be our most valuable resource. We encourage the innovation and distinctive ideas that come with staff contribution.
We believe in a work place where progress and reward is based on outstanding performance.

We encourage our people to be proactive, take responsibility, be accountable and make decisions based on fact.
We will continually endeavour to develop progressive and flexible work practices and to provide continuous opportunities for our people to develop their careers.

We endeavour to supply all our people with optimal working conditions, on going support and focused direction.

We will provide a friendly, caring and safe environment that gives our people scope to be innovative, visionary and, above all, lets them have some fun. We believe this in turn delivers positive results, opportunities and benefits to all.

    Departments within Mayo Group 

  • National Customer Service
  • Sales and Marketing
  • Product Development
  • Finance/Accounting
  • Information Systems
  • Quality Assurance
  • Warehousing-Despatch and Delivery
  • Administration
  • Human Resources

    Quality Assurance

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