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Corporate Social Responsibility



The Mayo Group encourages and supports projects and activities which strengthen the communities in which our employees live and work, improve the environment in which The Mayo Group does business, as well as enhancing the Group’s opportunities to grow and prosper.

Our community support is based on activities that directly impact on The Mayo Group customers, their business, or shareholders including:

  • Charities that support innovations in healthcare;
  • Charities that support healthcare in remote or poor areas;
  • Charities that support recent disasters including emergency relief and rebuilding processes;
  • Charities that support education for the disadvantaged.
The Mayo Group has a preference in supporting smaller charities or special causes where the contribution made may have more of a significant impact.

  The Intensive Care Foundation

is dedicated to improving the care of critically ill patients by raising funds for clinical research projects and the education of health professionals responsible for intensive care. The ultimate aim of the Intensive Care Foundation is to improve the number and quality of lives saved in Intensive Care Units each year. This is achieved through corporate sponsorship, and community programs and appeals highlighting the miracle work that intensive care doctors,
nurses and researchers perform as a part of their every day job.

  The Sun Super Ride to Conquer Cancer
  October 2012

"Sun Super Ride to Conquer Cancer" was held on the 13th and 14th of October 2012. We had trained for months, riding our bikes on both Saturdays and Sundays to prepare for this ride. While our training meant we would ride anywhere from 50km to 75km on each ride, this event required that we ride 100 kilometres from Homebush out to Camden and then 100 kilometres back the next day. In order to participate, you had to raise at least $2500. On the morning of the ride, we arrived at Homebush with our bikes to be greeted by what would end up being a wonderful day. We were soon advised that the number of riders was officially 1,623 and that collectively all those involved had raised $5.7 million which is now officially recognised as the largest single fundraising event in Australian history, and my friend and I were proudly a part of it. All the monies raised in sponsorship went directly to the "Chris O'Brien Lifehouse" at RPA in Sydney. Participating in such an event has been great and I am very proud to have been a part of it. Through my network of family and friends I personally raised more than $4500, $2500 of which came from my employer, Mayo Healthcare for which I am very thankful.

Angelo Kotsifas
Commercial Analyst
Mayo Healthcare Pty Ltd

The Sun Super Ride to Conquer Cancer
Sandy & Angelo
  The Humpty Dumpty Foundation
  The Balmoral Burn 2011

Corporate Australia raised $2.3 million for the Humpty Dumpty Foundation through the Balmoral Burn in 2011. Mayo’s proudly supported the day with a team that didn’t come last as they relayed up Awaba St in Balmoral. Tracey, Paul, Ashley and Darren dug deep to come 33rd out of 36 – the winner of the day of course being the important cause of raising money for much needed medical equipment for kids!

  The South Pole Expedition

100 years ago, Robert Scott made it to the South Pole. In January 2012 Rob Clarke (Mayo Board Member) also made it to the South Pole! Humpty’s expedition required each trekker to raise $100 000 and Mayo’s were honoured to support Rob in this quest. It took 8 days to cross-country ski across Antarctica’s vast empty wilderness and we congratulate Rob on his achievements.

Humpty’s focus is on assisting hospitals by raising hospitals to buy essential and often life-saving medical equipment for Neonatal Units and paediatrics (infants and children up to 16 years of age). They provide equipment to 178 hospitals in Australia and 2 in East Timor.

Humpty also assists with funding for special projects that encourage healing like “The Magical Fairy Gardens” and weekly visits from “The Clown Doctors”. Fellowships for graduate doctor training are also supported by Humpty.

Rob Clarke - Humpty Dumpty South Pole Expedition


The Michelle Beets Memorial Trust
Royal North Shore Hospital
The Michelle Beets Memorial Trust
- Royal North Shore Hospital

After the very tragic event of the Nurse Unit Manager of Royal North Shore Emergency Department - Michelle Beets’ death, the hospital has set up a trust fund to raise money for educating nurses in the Emergency Department – continuing the education of her staff was one of Michelle’s passions.

In November, Ashley & Christian were the guests of honour in a ceremony to give the Royal North Shore Hospital Emergency Department a donation of $5,000 to the Michelle Beets Memorial Trust for Education in the Emergency Department, on behalf of Mayo Healthcare.

Those in attendance from the The RNSH ED were: Samantha Flew , Mary Separovich, Karen Steenbergen - all three are Nursing Unit Managers in the ED, and Martin Ward(CNC) and Bryan Mckee Hata who is the Nurse Manager, and of course Ashley & Christian!

  400 in 4

The Mayo Group are very proud to be supporting the 2012 “400 in 4” ride, where a group of riders comprising firefighters from Fire and Rescue NSW are raising funds for the Burns Unit at The Children's Hospital at Westmead by cycling over 400 kilometers from Campbelltown fire station to Wagga Wagga over 4 days.

The 400 in 4 Team accepting their cheque
from Amy, Tanja, Sarah and Fiona
We were very lucky to be the first to see
the new ‘ride kit’ with the Mayo logo looking great
on the jersey sleeves.
(From L-R Brett, Scott, Carmia, Nath and Scott)

  CEO Sleepout

In June 2011, our very own CEO Sarah Mayo donned her PJ’s for the CEO Sleepout – a charity supported by the St Vincent de Paul Society to not only raise funds but also awareness of homelessness in our community.

Our very brave CEO was the highest female money raiser for this cause and the 7th highest overall in NSW. Sarah said that some lessons learned for her were that we should not avoid homeless people and that you should always check your sleeping bags in case one of your nieces or nephews swaps it for a kiddies one!

We are all very excited to be supporting Sarah again in 2012 for this very worthwhile cause!

Sarah Mayo - CEO Sleepout 2011
  Sydney Adventist Hospital – Myanmar Project

The Mayo Group are extremely proud to be able to support the Sydney Adventist Hospital – Myanmar Project. Our donation means that an Australian Medical Team can continue the annual visit to work in 2 Hospitals in Yangon. The aim of the trip is predominantly education of the Doctors, Nurses and physiotherapy staff involved in cardiac surgery. It is very important that when the Australian team leaves, the doctors and nurses involved in the cardiac program in Myanmar can continue with performing surgery and providing post operative care in the Intensive Care Unit.

All Mayo staff are invited to have input into the charities that they would like to see the Company be involved with and support. We match staff donations, dollar for dollar, in instances where staff undertake a project to raise money for a worthwhile cause. The Mayo Group also donates much needed medical instruments to Not-for-Profit health organisations to help improve the life of others.

  The Mayo Group embraces the principle of sustainability wherein the development and growth in its business needs meets the needs of the present without compromising the welfare of future generations.

We are committed to conducting our operations in a manner which reduces environmental risk and adverse effects on the environment in which we operate. The Mayo Group acknowledges the need to incorporate environmentally sound practices into our core business strategies, plans and processes. We recognise this to be a long-term commitment to update our practices where possible in light of advances in technology and best practice. We believe we have a moral obligation to re-assess and reduce our carbon footprint.

The Mayo Group has an active environmental committee, which meets regularly to discuss progress and initiatives, and has the full support of senior management. The purpose of the committee is two-fold:

  • To ensure the Company operates in a manner that is consistent with reducing the impact of its current and future operations on the environment.
  • To increase awareness and encourage behaviours by our employees, associates and business partners to reduce the harmful impact of our actions on the environment and encourage positive action.

The major focus of the Company in 2012 is to ‘go paperless’ and further examples of the initiatives the committee has implemented to date include:

  • Measurement of our current energy usage as a benchmark to evaluate improvements against.
  • GreenPower certified renewable electricity all offices nationally.
  • Increased energy efficiency through measures such as changing over to energy saving light-globes and adjusting equipment settings, timed lighting in bathrooms and restricted air-conditioning hours.
  • Survey of water usage in the offices.
  • Re-use of resources such as used paper, stationery etc.
  • Switching to 100% recycled paper products.
  • Recycling of excess paper and other recyclable products, including e-waste and printer cartridges, in all offices.
  • Support of technological improvements to move towards paperless office communication.
  • Employee awareness campaigns and reminders encompassing both work and personal choices to encourage more environmentally sustainable behaviours.
  • Encouragement of participation in initiatives such as “National Ride to Work Day” to reduce travel emissions.
  • Publication of our environmental strategy, tactics and achievements on our internal intranet for all employees to access.

Through communication and training, our employees, associates and business partners are encouraged and assisted to enhance their awareness of the impact that each and every one of us has upon the fragile environment in which we co-exist.

 Business Partners
  As part of our aim to be a business partner of choice, The Mayo Group seeks to partner with businesses both local and international that have a sound, stable, and ethical supply base.

 Australian Packaging Covenant (APC)
  The APC is a voluntary initiative by the governments of Australia and private businesses to reduce the effects of packaging on the environment through improved packaging design and use, more efficient packaging production, encouraging re-use and recycling of the packaging that is created and reducing any impacts from the disposal of used packaging. The APC has replaced (in mid 2010) the National Packaging Covenant (NPC) which was a similar Government/business voluntary arrangement which had reached the end of its agreement period. The governance arrangements for the APC are very similar to those that existed for the NPC.

Mayo Group signed the APC Covenant in January 2011 on behalf of all its participating businesses (Mayohardware and Fisher Lamco) and has submitted its first Action Plan under the APC in June 2011. Annual progress reports against this Action Plan are required (as they were for the NPC) and they are available on the APC website after the Covenant Council has accepted them.

Our final Annual Report under the NPC was submitted on 30 March 2011 and will be available on the APC website after it is accepted by the Covenant Council.

Click here for more information on the APC

Click here to view Mayo Group's Packaging Covenant Action Plan.

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